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2024Cell-Free Massive MIMO in O-RAN: Energy-Aware Joint Orchestration of Cloud, Fronthaul, and Radio ResourcesDemir, O.T.; Masoudi, M.; Bjornson, E.; Cavdar, C.
2023Energy-Efficient Cell-Free Massive MIMO Through Sparse Large-Scale Fading ProcessingChen, S.; Zhang, J.; Bjornson, E.; Demir, O.T.; Ai, B.
2023A New Polar-Domain Dictionary Design for the Near-Field Region of Extremely Large Aperture ArraysDemir, O.T.; Bjornson, E.
2023Optimizing Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Short Transmissions: How Detailed Configurations can be Afforded?Enqvist, A.; Demir, O.T.; Cavdar, C.; Bjornson, E.