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2016Convective Heat Transfer Enhancement with Nanofluids A State-of-the-Art ReviewKakaç, S.; Pramuanjaroenkij, A.
2016Convective Heat Transfer with Gaseous Flow in MicroductsYazıcıoğlu, A.G.; Kakaç, S.
2013Convective Heat Transfer, Third EditionKakaç, S.; Yener, Y.; Pramuanjaroenkij, A.
2018Heat Conduction, Fourth EditionYener, Y.; Kakaç, S.
2013Heat Pipes and Solid Sorption Transformations: Fundamentals and Practical ApplicationsVasiliev, L.L.; Kakaç, S.
2016Microscale And Nanoscale Heat Transfer: Analysis, Design, And ApplicationsRebay, M.; Kakaç, S.; Cotta, R.M.
2016Nanofluid Flow Simulation as the Flow through the Porous MediaTongkratoke, A.; Pramuanjaroenkij, A.; Kakaç, S.
2014Nanofluids flow simulasion as the flow through the porous mediaTongkratoke, A.; Pramuanjaroenkij, A.; Chaengbamrung, A.; Kakaç, S.
2014Numerical analysis of convective heat transfer with temperature dependent thermal conductivity of nanofluids and thermal dispersionKakaç, S.; Yazıcıoğlu, A.G.
2014Numerical analysıs of nanofluıds convectıve heat transfer wıth mıxture model approachesSert, I.O.; Sezer-Uzol, N.; Kakaç, S.
2016Numerical Approaches for Convective Heat Transfer with NanofluidsSert, I.O.; Sezer-Uzol, N.; Kakaç, S.
2016Numerical Simulation of Combined Microscale Effects on Convective Heat Transfer in Single-Phase FlowsRebay, M.; Kabar, Y.; Kakaç, S.
2015The permeability effects of copper-nanofluid flow with using the porous media modelTongkratoke, A.; Pramuanjaroenkij, A.; Chaengbamrung, A.; Kakaç, S.
2013Preface [2013]Vasiliev, L.L.; Kakaç, S.
2014The study of the heated air flow patterns from the condensing unit effecting on the air conditioning efficiency and the drying applicationPramuanjaroenkij, A.; Phondeechareon, S.; Pakotanang, D.; Aryusom, A.; Phankhoksoong, S.; Pensiriwan, W.; Kakaç, S.
2016Thermophysical Properties of NanofluidsÖzerinç, S.; Kakaç, S.; Yazicioğlu, A.G.