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2010Asynchronous particle swarm optimization-based search with a multi-robot system: simulation and implementation on a real robotic systemAkat, Salih Burak; Gazi, Veysel ; Marques, Lino
2010Chemical Concentration Map Building Through Bacterial Foraging Optimization Based Search Algorithm by Mobile RobotsTurduev, Mirbek; Kirtay, Murat; Sousa, Pedro; Gazi, Veysel ; Marques, Lino
2010Cooperative Chemical Concentration Map Building Using Decentralized Asynchronous Particle Swarm Optimization Based Search by Mobile RobotsTurduev, Mirbek; AtaƟ, Yunus; Sousa, Pedro; Gazi, Veysel ; Marques, Lino
2014Experimental studies on chemical concentration map building by a multi-robot system using bio-inspired algorithmsTurduev, Mirbek; Cabrita, Goncalo; Kirtay, Murat; Gazi, Veysel ; Marques, Lino