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2022Monoelemental two-dimensional iodinene nanosheets: a first-principles study of the electronic and optical propertiesBafekry, A.; Stampfl, C.; Faraji, M.; Mortazavi, B.; Fadlallah, M. M.; Nguyen, Chuong, V; Fazeli, S.
2022Thermoelectric properties of doped graphene nanoribbons: density functional theory calculations and electrical transportRahmati, E.; Bafekry, A.; Faraji, M.; Gogva, D.; Nguyen, Chuong, V; Ghergherehchi, M.
2021A van der Waals heterostructure of MoS2/MoSi2N4: a first-principles studyBafekry, A.; Faraji, M.; Ziabari, A. Abdollahzadeh; Fadlallah, M. M.; Nguyen, Chuong, V; Ghergherehchi, M.; Feghhi, S. A. H.