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2015Comment on "Third law of thermodynamics as a key test of generalized entropies"Bağcı, Gökhan Barış; Oikonomou, Thomas
2017Comment on "Troublesome aspects of the Renyi-MaxEnt treatment"Oikonomou, Thomas; Bağcı, Gökhan Barış
2017Group theory, entropy and the third law of thermodynamicsCantürk, Bilal; Oikonomou, Thomas; Bağcı, Gökhan Barış
2017Misusing the entropy maximization in the jungle of generalized entropiesOikonomou, Thomas; Bağcı, Gökhan Barış
5-Jun-2018Reply to "Comment on 'Route from discreteness to the continuum for the Tsallis q-entropy'Oikonomou, Thomas; Bağcı, Gökhan Barış
5-Jan-2018Route from discreteness to the continuum for the Tsallis q-entropyOikonomou, Thomas; Bağcı, Gökhan Barış
2016Validity of the third law of thermodynamics for the Tsallis entropyBağcı, Gökhan Barış; Oikonomou, Thomas