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Apr-2015Impact of Limiting Hop Count on the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor NetworksYıldız, Hüseyin Uğur; Temiz, Murat; Tavlı, Bülent 
2011Impact of Limiting Number of Links on the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor NetworksTavlı, Bülent ; Akgün, Mehmet Burak ; Bıçakcı, Kemal 
2009The Impact of One-Time Energy Costs on Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor NetworksBıçakcı, Kemal ; Gültekin, Hakan ; Tavlı, Bülent 
2011Lifetime Bounds of Wireless Sensor Networks Preserving Perfect Sink UnobservabilityBıçakcı, Kemal ; Bağcı, İbrahim Ethem; Tavlı, Bülent 
Apr-2017A Low-Complexity Policy for Outage Probability Minimization With an Energy Harvesting TransmitterIşıkman, Arif Önder; Yüksel, Melda; Gündüz, Deniz
2012Minimum Outage Probability for the Relay Channel under Individual Power ConstraintsYüksel, Melda; Yüksekkaya, Barış
2010Minimum-Outage Broadcast in Wireless Networks with Fading ChannelsGirici, Tolga ; Kurt, Gulizar Duygu
2010Mitigation of Compromising Privacy by Transmission Range Control in Wireless Sensor NetworksTavlı, Bülent ; Özçiloğlu, M. Mikail; Bıçakcı, Kemal 
2010Optimal Data Compression and Forwarding in Wireless Sensor NetworksTavlı, Bülent ; Bağcı, İbrahim Ethem; Ceylan, Onur