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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Aerodynamic analysis of flow characteristics over rotors using CFD methodsÖktem, Onur; Başaran, E.; Kaynak, Ünver 
2016Altitude Control for Small Fixed-Wing Aircraft Using H-infinity Loop-Shaping MethodAkyürek, Şeyma; Kaynak, Ünver ; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku 
2010Automatic recovery and autonomous navigation of disabled aircraft after control surface actuator jamKasnakoğlu, Coşku ; Kaynak, Ünver 
2008Boundary-layer transition under the effect of compressibility for the correlation Based Transition ModelKaynak, Ünver ; Gürdamar, E.
2016Control Loss Recovery Autopilot Design for Fixed-Wing AircraftAkyürek, Şeyma; Kürkçü, Burak; Kaynak, Ünver ; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku 
2009Control of flow separation and transition point over an aerofoil at low Re number using simultaneous blowing and suctionGenç, M. Serdar; Kaynak, Ünver 
2018A correlation-based algebraic transition modelÇakmakcıoğlu, Samet Caka; Baş, Onur; Kaynak, Ünver 
2015Design of a Flight Stabilizer for Fixed-Wing Aircrafts Using H-infinity Loop Shaping MethodAkyürek, Şeyma; Ozden, Gizem Sezin; Kürkcü, Burak; Kaynak, Ünver ; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku 
2016Design of a flight stabilizer system and automatic control using HIL test platformAkyürek, Şeyma; Özden, G. S.; Atlas, E.; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku ; Kaynak, Ünver 
2014Design Study of a Short-Range Airborne UAV Radar for Human MonitoringGürbüz, Sevgi Zübeyde; Kaynak, Ünver ; Özkan, Bertan; Kocaman, Ozan Can; Kıyıcı, Firat; Tekeli, Burkam
2008An experimental and computational study of low Re number transitional flows over an aerofoil with leading edge slatGenç, M. Serdar; Lock, G.; Kaynak, Ünver 
2009Flow over an aerofoil without and with a leading-edge slat at a transitional Reynolds numberGenç, M. Serdar; Kaynak, Ünver ; Lock, G. D.
2013Hardware-in-the-loop test platform for a small fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle embedded controllerErtin O. B.; Korkmaz H.; Kaynak, Ünver ; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku 
Jan-2018Heading hold autopilot design for fixed wing aircraftAkyürek, Şeyma; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku ; Kaynak, Ünver 
2014A Mach-uniform preconditioner for incompressible and subsonic flowsBaş, Onur; Tuncer, İsmail H.; Kaynak, Ünver 
2006A new approximate factorization method suitable for structured and unstructured gridsÇete, R.; Kaynak, Ünver 
2017A Novel Alternating Cell Directions Implicit Method for the Solution of Incompressible Navier Stokes Equations on Unstructured GridsBaş, Onur; Çete, A. R.; Mengi, S.; Tuncer, İsmail H.; Kaynak, Ünver 
2016Numerical investigation of winglets used to improve the flying performance of unmanned aerial vehicleKaynak, Ünver ; Çoban, A. B.
Jan-2019Output Feedback Sliding Mode Control of a Fixed-Wing UAV Under Rudder LossGüneş, U.; Sel, Artun; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku ; Kaynak, Ünver 
2011Performance of transition model for predicting low Re aerofoil flows without/with single and simultaneous blowing and suctionGenç, M. Serdar; Kaynak, Ünver ; Yapıcı, Hüseyin