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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Evaluation of sums of products of Gaussian q-binomial coefficients with rational weight functionsArıkan, Talha; Kılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
1-Jun-2018Evaluation of various partial sums of Gaussian q-binomial sumsKılıç, Emrah 
Apr-2017Evaluation of sums containing triple aerated generalized Fibonomial coefficientsKılıç, Emrah 
2008Explicit formula for the inverse of a tridiagonal matrix by backward continued fractionsKılıç, Emrah 
Jul-2019Explicit spectrum of a circulant-tridiagonal matrix with applicationsKılıç, Emrah ; Yalçıner, Aynur
2011Factorizations and representations of binary polynomial recurrences by matrix methodsKılıç, Emrah ; Stanica, Pantelimon
2009Factorizations Of The Pascal Matrix Via A Generalized Second Order Recurrent MatrixKılıç, E. ; Ömür, Neşe; Tatar, G.; Ulutaş, Yücel Türker
2023Fibonomial and Lucanomial sums through well-poised q-seriesChu, W.; Kılıç, Emrah 
2011A formula for the generating functions of powers of Horadam's sequence with two additional parametersKılıç, Emrah ; Ulutaş, Yücel Türker; Ömür, Neşe
Apr-2018Formulae for two weighted binomial identities with the falling factorialsKılıç, Emrah ; Ömür, Neşe; Koparal, Sibel
2011Formulas for Fibonomial sums with generalized Fibonacci and Lucas coefficientsKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut; Akkuş, I.; Ohtsuka, H.
2008Formulas for sums of generalized order-k fibonacci type sequences by matrix methodsKılıç, Emrah 
2012Formulas For Weighted Binomial Sums Using The Powers Of Terms Of Binary RecurrencesKılıç, Emrah ; Ulutaş, Yücel Türker; Ömür, Neşe
2015Formulas for binomial sums including powers of fibonacci and lucas numbersKılıç, Emrah ; Akkuş, İlker; Ömür, Neşe; Ulutaş, Yücel Türker
Jun-2020Formulæ for multi-parameter Gaussian q-binomial sums with applicationsKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
Jun-2015Formulæ related to the q-Dixon formula with applications to Fibonomial sumsKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
2013General Approach In Computing Sums Of Products Of Binary SequencesKılıç, E. ; Stanica, Pantelimon
Mar-2014A generalization of a conjecture of MelhamKılıç, Emrah ; Akkuş, İlker; Prodinger, Helmut
Nov-2014Generalized binary recurrent quasi-cyclic matricesKılıç, Emrah ; Ulutaş, Yücel; Akkuş, İlker; Ömür, Neşe
2006The generalized Binet formula, representation and sums of the generalized order-k Pell numbersKılıç, Emrah ; Taşcı, Dursun