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2011Agent Based Simulation of Carbon Emissions Trading MarketMutlu, Fatma; Ünver, Nilgün Fescioğlu 
2008Application of Self Controlling Software Approach to Reactive Tabu SearchFescioğlu, Ünver, Nilgün ; Kokar, Mieczyslaw M.
2021Capacitated strategic assortment planning under explicit demand substitutionÇömez, Dolgan Nagihan; Fescioğlu, Ünver Nilgün ; Cephe, Ecem; Şen, Alper
2013A comparison of artificial neural network and multinomial logit models in predicting mergersFescioğlu, Ünver, Nilgün ; Tanyeri, Başak
2021Feedback controlled resource management model for express service in electric vehicle charging stationsFescioğlu, Ünver, Nilgün ; Aktaş, Melike Yıldız; Kasnakoğlu, Coşku 
20-Jan-2016A framework for energy reduction in manufacturing process chains (E-MPC) and a case study from the Turkish household appliance industryMutlu, Fatma; Fescioğlu Ünver, Nilgün 
2017Heuristic policies for mobile asset sharing within hospitalsErsol, Duygu; Fescioğlu, Ünver Nilgün 
2015Managing transshipments in a multi-retailer system with approximate policiesÇömez, Dolgan Nagihan; Fescioğlu, Ünver Nilgün 
2016A mobile asset sharing policy for hospitals with real time locating systemsDemircan-Yıldız, Ece Arzu; Fescioğlu Ünver, Nilgün 
Nov-2019Resource management optimization for a smart microgridFescioğlu, Ünver, Nilgün ; Barlas, Ayca; Yılmaz, Damla; Demli, Uğur Ozhan; Bulgan, Ali Çağdaş; Karaoğlu, Eren Can; Ataşoy, Tuğrul; Ercin, Özden
2015RFID in production and service systems: Technology, applications and issuesFescioğlu, Ünver, Nilgün ; Choi, Sung Hee; Sheen, Dongmok; Kumara, Soundar
2011Self Controlling Tabu Search algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment ProblemFescioğlu, Ünver, Nilgün ; Kokar, Mieczyslaw M.