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2008A currency crisis and its perception with fuzzy C-meansÖzkan, İbrahim; Türkşen, İsmail Burhan ; Canpolat, Naci
2009A fuzzy analysis of country-size argument for the Feldstein-Horioka puzzleÖzkan, İbrahim; Erden, Lütfi; Türkşen, İsmail Burhan 
2012MiniMax epsilon-stable cluster validity index for Type-2 fuzzinessÖzkan, İbrahim; Türkşen, İsmail Burhan 
2014Uncertainty and Fuzzy DecisionsÖzkan, İbrahim; Türkşen, İsmail Burhan 
2007Upper and lower values for the level of fuzziness in FCMÖzkan, İbrahim; Türkşen, İsmail Burhan