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2017Detecting Errors in Instructions with Bloom FiltersAtamaner, Mert; Ergin, Oğuz ; Ottavi, Marco; Reviriego, Pedro
2023DEV-PIM: Dynamic Execution Validation with Processing-in-MemoryBolata, Alperen; Tuğrul, Yahya Can; Çelik, Seyyid Hikmet; Sezer, Şakir; Ottavi, Marco; Ergin, Oğuz 
2022ERIC: An Efficient and Practical Software Obfuscation FrameworkBolat, Alperen; Celik, Seyyid Hikmet; Olgun, Ataberk; Ergin, Oğuz ; Ottavi, Marco
Jul-2018Opcode vector: An efficient scheme to detect soft errors in instructionsMartinez, Jorge A.; Atamaner, Mert; Reviriego, Pedro; Ergin, Oğuz ; Ottavi, Marco