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Feb-2019Packet Size Optimization for Lifetime Maximization in Underwater Acoustic Sensor NetworksYıldız, Hüseyin Uğur; Güngör, Vehbi Çağrı; Tavlı, Bülent 
Mar-2017Packet Size Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Grid ApplicationsKurt, Sinan; Yıldız, Hüseyin Uğur; Yiğit, Melike; Tavlı, Bülent ; Güngör, Vehbi Çağrı
25-Jul-2018A survey on packet size optimization for terrestrial, underwater, underground, and body area sensor networksYiğit, Melike; Yıldız, Hüseyin Uğur; Kurt, Sinan; Tavlı, Bülent ; Güngör, Vehbi Çağrı