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2014Design and Fabrication of Branched Polyamine Functionalized Mesoporous Silica: An Efficient Absorbent for Water RemediationNayab, Sana; Farrukh, Aleeza; Oluz, Zehra; Tuncel, Eylül; Tariq, Saadia Rashid; Rahman, Habib ur; Yameen, Basit
2013Design of Polymer-Brush-Grafted Magnetic Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Water RemediationFarrukh, Aleeza; Akram, Attia; Ghaffar, Abdul; Hanif, Sara; Hamid, Almas; Duran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit
2011Designing polymeric nanorod arrays for optical waveguide-based biosensorsGitsas, Antonis; Lazzara, Thomas D.; Yameen, Basit; Steinhart, Martin; Knoll, Wolfgang; Duran, Hatice 
2013Enhanced interfacial rigidity of 1D thermoset nanostructures by interface-induced liquid crystallinityDuran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit; Geuss, Markus; Kappl, Micheal; Steinhart, Martin; Knoll, Wolfgang
2019A facile and versatile route to functional poly(propylene) surfaces via UV-curable coatingsSohail, Muhammad; Ashfaq, Binish; Azeem, Iqra; Faisal, Amir; Doğan, Sema Yiyit; Wang, Jianjun; Yameen, Basit
2012Interface-induced liquid crystallinity for bisphenol A based cyanate ester polymersDuran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit; Kappl, Michael; Steinhart, Martin
May-2020Nanoporous thin films in optical waveguide spectroscopy for chemical analyticsKnoll, Wolfgang; Azzaroni, Omar; Duran, Hatice ; Kunze-Liebhaeuser, Julia; Lau, King Hang Aaron; Reimhult, Erik; Yameen, Basit
2022Poly(3-hexylthiophene) stabilized ultrafine nickel oxide nanoparticles as superior electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction: Catalyst design through synergistic combination of pi-conjugated polymers and metal-based nanoparticlesIftikhar, Sunniya; Aslam, Saba; Duran, Hatice ; Citoglu, Senem; Kirchhoff, Katrin; Lieberwirth, Ingo; Yameen, Basit
2015Polymer brush functionalized SiO2 nanoparticle based Nafion nanocomposites: a novel avenue to low-humidity proton conducting membranesFarrukh, Aleeza; Ashraf, Fatima; Kaltbeitzel, Anke; Ling, Xiao; Wagner, Manfred; Duran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit
2021The role of interface on dynamic mechanical properties, dielectric performance, conductivity, and thermal stability of electrospun carbon nanofibers reinforced epoxyAziz, Iram; Duran, Hatice ; Saleem, Murtaza; Yameen, Basit; Arshad, Salman Noshear
2-Jul-2018Silica based inorganic-organic hybrid materials for the adsorptive removal of chromiumNayab, S.; Baig, H.; Ghaffar, A.; Tuncel, E.; Oluz, Zehra; Duran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit
2014Surface-functionalized silica gel adsorbents for efficient remediation of cationic dyesFarrukh, Aleeza; Akram, Attia; Ghaffar, Abdul; Tuncel, Eylül; Oluz, Zehra; Duran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit
2013Surface-initiated ring opening polymerization of N-carboxy anhydride of benzyl-L-glutamate monomers on soft flexible substratesDuran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit; Khan, Hadayat Ullah; Foerch, Renate; Knoll, Wolfgang
2014UV-light assisted single step route to functional PEEK surfacesYousaf, Ahmed; Farrukh, Aleeza; Oluz, Zehra; Tuncel, Eylül; Duran, Hatice ; Doğan, Sema Yiyit; Yameen, Basit