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02.3. Department of Computer Engineering
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1Mar-20172D and 3D shape retrieval using skeleton filling rateŞirin, Yahya; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
220153D Shape Recognition: Enhanced Skeletal PointsŞirin, Yahya; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
32013Adapting the Columns of Storage Components for Lower Static Energy DissipationAykenar, Mehmet Burak; Özgür, Muhammet; Şimşek, Osman Seçkin; Ergin, Oğuz 
42012An adaptive smoothing method for sensor noise in augmented reality applications on smartphonesÖzcan, R.; Orhan, F.; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih ; Abul, O. 
52017Age classification using an optimized CNN architectureAydoğdu, M. Fatih; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
62021Algorithmic Analysis of Priority-Based Bin PackingWojciechowski, P.; Subramani, K.; Velasquez, A.; Caskurlu, B. 
72020Analysis and Evaluation of Keystroke Dynamics as a Feature of Contextual AuthenticationBıçakcı, Kemal ; Salman, O.; Uzunay Y.; Tan, M.
8Oct-2018An Analysis DRDoS Amplifiers in EuropeErcan, Emre Murat; Selçuk, Ali Aydın 
92021An Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contract VulnerabilitiesUsman T.A.; Selçuk, Ali Aydın ; Ozarslan S.
10Dec-2014Analysis of Seam-Carving-Based Anonymization of Images Against PRNU Noise Pattern-Based Source AttributionDirik, Ahmet Emir; Sencar, Hüsrev Taha ; Memon, Nasir
112016Analysis of the Effect of Image Resolution on Automatic Face Gender and Age ClassificationCerit, Betül; Bölük, S. Arda; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
122020Annotator rationales for labeling tasks in crowdsourcingKutlu, Mücahid ; McDonnell, T.; Elsayed, T. C.; Lease, M.
132014Anonymity in Multi-Instance Micro-Data PublicationAbul, Osman 
142010Anonymization of moving objects databases by clustering and perturbationAbul, Osman ; Bonchi, Francesco; Nanni, Mirco
152021Anonymous location sharing in urban area mobilityAbul, Osman ; Bitirgen, Ozan Berk
1615-Mar-2014Anonymous trace and revokeAk, Murat; Pehlivanoğlu, Serdar; Selçuk, Ali Aydın 
172016Anti-cancer Drug Activity Prediction by Ensemble LearningTolan, Ertan; Tan, Mehmet 
18Sep-2020Are we secure from bots? Investigating vulnerabilities of botometerTorusdağ, Buğra M.; Kutlu, Mücahid ; Selçuk, Ali Aydın 
19Jul-2020ArTest: The First Test Collection for Arabic Web Search with Relevance RationalesHasanain, M.; Barkallah, Y.; Suwaileh, R.; Kutlu, Mücahid ; Elsayed, T.
202008Assessment of composite motif discovery methodsKlepper, Kjetil; Sandve, Geir K.; Abul, Osman ; Johansen, Jostein; Drablos, Finn