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20192019 Elections in Turkey: End of the Erdoğan Era?Yavuz, M. Hakan; Özcan, Nihat Ali 
2007Crisis in Turkey: The conflict of political languagesYavuz, M. Hakan; Özcan, Nihat Ali 
2009Iran's Nuclear Program and the Future of US-Iranian RelationsÖzcan, Nihat Ali ; Özdamar, Özgür
1-Jan-2018Is terrorism becoming an effective strategy to achieve political aims?Özcan, Nihat Ali 
2015Turkish Democracy and the Kurdish QuestionYavuz, M. Hakan; Özcan, Nihat Ali 
2010Uneasy Neighbors: Turkish-Iranian Relations Since the 1979 Islamic RevolutionÖzcan, Nihat Ali ; Özdamar, Özgür