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1-Apr-2016Persistence of photonic nanojet formation under the deformation of circular boundaryMahariq, İbrahim; Astratov, Vasily N.; Kurt, Hamza 
Sep-2014Photonic Nanojet Analysis by Spectral Element MethodMahariq, İbrahim; Kuzuoğlu, M.;  Tarman, I. H.; Kurt, Hamza 
Sep-2020Photonic Nanojets and Whispering Gallery Modes in Smooth and Corrugated Micro-Cylinders under Point-Source IlluminationMahariq, İbrahim; Abdeljawad, Thabet; Karar, Abdullah S.; Alboon, Shadi A.; Kurt, Hamza ; Maslov, Alexey, V
2015Questioning Degree of Accuracy Offered by the Spectral Element Method in Computational ElectromagneticsMahariq, İbrahim; Kurt, Hamza ; Kuzuoğlu, M.
2017A spectral element method for the solution of magnetostatic fieldsMahariq, İbrahim; Erciyas, Atakan
Dec-2017Strong electromagnetic field localization near the surface of hemicylindrical particlesMahariq, İbrahim; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Kurt, Hamza ; Minin, Oleg V.; Minin, Igor V.
1-Apr-2016Strong field enhancement of resonance modes in dielectric microcylindersMahariq, İbrahim; Kurt, Hamza