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2009Approximation theorems by Meyer-Konig and Zeller type operatorsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2010Global Approximation Properties Of Modified SMK OperatorsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2010Local Approximation Behavior Of Modified SMK OperatorsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2011Local Approximation Properties of Modified Baskakov OperatorsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay ; Mahmudov, Nazım I.
2011Matrix Summability Methods on The Approximation of Multivariate q-MKZ OperatorsAktuglu, Hüseyin; Özarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2009A new approach in obtaining a better estimation in approximation by positive linear operatorsDuman, Oktay ; Özarslan, M. Ali
2005Rates of A-statistical convergence of approximating operatorsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay ; Doğru, O.
2010Rates of convergence of certain King-type operators for functions with derivative of bounded variationÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay ; Kaanoğlu, Cem
2008Statistical approximation results for Kantorovich-type operators involving some special polynomialsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay ; Srivastava, H. M.
2007Szasz-Mirakjan type operators providing a better error estimationDuman, Oktay ; Özarslan, M. Ali