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2021A deeper look into RowHammer's sensitivities: Experimental analysis of real DRAM chips and implications on future attacks and defensesOrosa, L.; Yağlıkçı, A. Giray; Luo, H.; Olgun, Ataberk; Park, J.; Hassan, H.; Patel, M.
2023DRAM Bender: An Extensible and Versatile FPGA-based Infrastructure to Easily Test State-of-the-art DRAM ChipsOlgun, A.; Hassan, H.; Yaglikci, A.G.; Tugrul, Y.C.; Orosa, L.; Luo, H.; Patel, M.
2022HiRA: Hidden Row Activation for Reducing Refresh Latency of Off-the-Shelf DRAM ChipsGiray, Yaglikci, A.; Olgun, A.; Patel, M.; Luo, H.; Hassan, H.; Orosa, L.; Ergin, Oğuz 
2022PiDRAM: An FPGA-based Framework for End-to-end Evaluation of Processing-in-DRAM TechniquesOlgun, A.; Luna, J.G.; Kanellopoulos, K.; Salami, B.; Hassan, H.; Ergin, Oğuz ; Mutlu, O.
2021Uncovering In-DRAM RowHammer protection mechanisms: A new methodology, custom RowHammer patterns, and implicationsHassan, H.; Tu?rul, Y.C.; Kim, Jeremie S.; Van Der Veen, V.; Razavi, K.; Mutlu, O.