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Aug-2020Cohesive traction-separation relations for tearing of ductile plates with randomly distributed void nucleation sitesAndersen, R. G.; Tekoğlu, Cihan ; Nielsen, K. L.
2019Effect of damage-related microstructural parameters on plate tearing at steady stateTekoğlu, Cihan ; Nielsen, K. L.
2021On the dependence of crack surface morphology and energy dissipation on microstructure in ductile plate tearingÇelik, S.; Andersen, R. G.; Tekoğlu, C.; Nielsen, K. L.
2021The role of intermetallic particles on mode I crack propagation mechanisms in metal platesTekoğlu, C.; Çelik, Ş.; Duran, H. ; Efe, M.; Baier-Stegmaier, S.; Nielsen, K. L.