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2016Antecedents and consequences of co-creation in credence-based service contextsTarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna 
2016An asymmetric configural model approach for understanding complainer emotions and loyaltyTarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Yılmaz, Cengiz; Varnalı, Kaan
Dec-2019Budget impact of incorporating non-invasive prenatal testing in prenatal screening for Down syndrome in TurkeyÖkem, Zeynep Güldem ; Örgül, Gökçen; Tarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Çakar, Mehmet; Beksaç, Mehmet Sinan
2020Co-creating positive outcomes in higher education: are students ready for co-creation?Tarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Mercan, Hande
Jun-2020Concerns of Pregnant Women in Prenatal Screening/Diagnosis Practice and Termination of PregnancyTarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Çakar, Mehmet; Ökem, Zeynep Güldem ; Tanacan, Atakan; Fadıloğlu, Erdem; Örgül, Gökçen; Beksaç, Mehmet Sinan
2013Consumers' Risk Reduction StrategiesTarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna 
2017Economic analysis of prenatal screening strategies for Down syndrome in singleton pregnancies in TurkeyÖkem, Zeynep Güldem ; Örgül, Gökçen; Tarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Cakar, Mehmet; Beksaç, Mehmet Sinan
2016The effect of different information sources on the anxiety level of pregnant women who underwent invasive prenatal testingÇakar, Mehmet; Tarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Ökem, Zeynep Güldem ; Okuducu, Ümmühan; Beksaç, Mehmet Sinan Sinan
2015Effects of Multipart Media Framing on Consumer Attitudes Toward BiotechnologyGenç, Tuğçe Özgen; Tarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna 
2020Formal And Informal Components Of The Service Relationship In Health CareTarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Kalender, Yunus
2016How do firms benefit from customer complaints?Yılmaz, Cengiz; Varnali, Kaan; Tarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna 
2019Role expectations from doctors and effects on nonmedical outcomesTarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna ; Pak, Halil
2021Understanding Hajj travel: a dynamic identity perspectiveKalender, Y.; Tarı Kasnakoğlu, Berna