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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An adaptive smoothing method for sensor noise in augmented reality applications on smartphonesÖzcan, R.; Orhan, F.; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih ; Abul, O. 
2014Anonymity in Multi-Instance Micro-Data PublicationAbul, Osman 
2010Anonymization of moving objects databases by clustering and perturbationAbul, Osman ; Bonchi, Francesco; Nanni, Mirco
2021Anonymous location sharing in urban area mobilityAbul, Osman ; Bitirgen, Ozan Berk
2008Assessment of composite motif discovery methodsKlepper, Kjetil; Sandve, Geir K.; Abul, Osman ; Johansen, Jostein; Drablos, Finn
Jun-2020A utility based approach for data stream anonymizationSopaoğlu, Uğur; Abul, Osman 
Sep-2019Can Driving Patterns Predict Identity and Gender?Abul, Osman ; Karatas, B.
Apr-2017Classification of nervous system withdrawn and approved drugs with ToxPrint features via machine learning strategiesOnay, Aytun; Onay, Melih; Abul, Osman 
2021Coğrafi Radar Dağıtım Optimizasyonu [Conference Object]Abul, Osman ; Şavşatlı F.
2008Compo: composite motif discovery using discrete modelsSandve, Geir Kjetil; Abul, Osman ; Drablos, Finn
2013The computational investigation of new inhibitors for aldose reductaseOnay, A.; Abul, Osman 
Oct-2020Distinguishing True and False Buy/Sell Triggers from Financial Technical IndicatorsTüfekçi, Zeynep; Abul, Osman 
2014Distributed RDFS Reasoning with MapReduceÇetin, Yiğit; Abul, Osman 
2016End-to-end Internet Speed Analysis of Mobile Networks with MapReduceUzun, Mete; Abul, Osman 
2007False discovery rates in identifying functional DNA motifsAbul, Osman ; Sandve, Geir Kjetil; Drablos, Finn
2009Frequent Itemsets Hiding: A Performance Evaluation FrameworkAbul, Osman ; Gökçe, Harun; Sengez, Yağmur
1-Sep-2018From location to location pattern privacy in location-based servicesAbul, Osman ; Bayrak, Cansın
2009Hiding co-occurring frequent itemsetsAbul, Osman 
2007Hiding sensitive trajectory patternsAbul, Osman ; Atzori M.; Bonchi F.; Giannotti F.
2010Hiding Sequential and Spatiotemporal PatternsAbul, Osman ; Bonchi, Francesco; Giannotti, Fosca