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2020Demonstrating Reduced-Voltage FPGA-Based Neural Network Acceleration for Power-EfficiencyOnural, E. B.; Yüksel, I. E.; Salami, B.
Jul-2020An Experimental Study of Reduced-Voltage Operation in Modern FPGAs for Neural Network AccelerationSalami, B.; Onural, E. B.; Yüksel, I. E.; Koç, F.; Ergin, Oğuz ; Cristal Kestelman, A.; Ünsal, O.; Sarbazi-Azad, H.; Mutlu, O.
2022MoRS: An Approximate Fault Modelling Framework for Reduced-Voltage SRAMsYüksel, I.E.; Salami, B.; Ergin, Oğuz ; Ünsal, O.S.; Kestelman, A.C.
Jul-2019A Novel FPGA-Based High Throughput Accelerator for Binary Search TreesMelikoğlu, Öykü; Ergin, Oğuz ; Salami, B.; Pavon, J.; Ünsal, O.; Cristal, A.
2022PiDRAM: An FPGA-based Framework for End-to-end Evaluation of Processing-in-DRAM TechniquesOlgun, A.; Luna, J.G.; Kanellopoulos, K.; Salami, B.; Hassan, H.; Ergin, Oğuz ; Mutlu, O.