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2012Die welle der veränderungen anführen: Türkische außenpolitik im nahen und mittleren OstenKardaş, Şaban 
2010Duties Beyond Borders A via media approach to morality in international politics?Kardaş, Şaban 
2011Geo-strategic position as leverage in EU accession: the case of Turkish-EU negotiations on the Nabucco pipelineKardaş, Şaban 
2021Geopolitics of the New Middle East: Perspectives from Inside and OutsideAras, Bülent; Kardaş, Şaban 
2013Humanitarian intervention as a 'responsibility to protect': An international society approachKardaş, Şaban 
2019İnsan Hakları Siyaseti Ve Uluslararası İlişkiler: Realist Temelleri Yeniden DüşünmekKardaş, Şaban 
2012Leading the Wave of Changes; Turkish Foreign Policy in the Near- and Middle EastKardaş, Şaban 
2021Managing The US-Turkey Security Relationship: Structured Transactionalism Within A Dual FrameworkKardaş, Şaban ; Ünlühisarcıklı, Özgür
2021Revisionism and Resecuritization of Turkey's Middle East Policy: A Neoclassical Realist ExplanationKardaş, Şaban 
Jul-2017The transformation of the regional order and non-state armed actors: Pathways to the empowermentKardaş, Şaban 
2-Oct-2018Transformation of Turkey’s Regional Policies: The Case of the KRG Referendum DebacleKardaş, Şaban 
2020Turkey And The Idlib Crisis: Lingering Dilemmas And Future ProspectsKardaş, Şaban 
2021Turkey's Military Operations in Iraq: Context and ImplicationsKardaş, Şaban 
2012Turkey-Russia energy relations: The limits of forging cooperation through economic interdependenceKardaş, Şaban 
Dec-2013Turkey: A Regional Power Facing a Changing International SystemKardaş, Şaban 
Nov-2020Turkey’s Libya policy: militarization of regional policies and escalation dominanceKardaş, Şaban 
2011Turkish-American Relations in the 2000s: Revisiting the Basic Parameters of Partnership?Kardaş, Şaban 
2011Turkish-Azerbaijani Energy Cooperation and Nabucco: Testing the Limits of the New Turkish Foreign Policy RhetoricKardaş, Şaban