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Oct-2020Bargaining over collusion: the threat of supply function versus Cournot competition under demand uncertainty and cost asymmetrySağlam, İsmail 
2022Bridging bargaining theory with the regulation of a natural monopolySağlam, İsmail 
2023Centralized bargaining with pre-donation in a vertically related industrySağlam, İsmail 
Jun-2020Cheap talk games with two-senders and different modes of communicationBayındır, Esra Eren; Gürdal, Mehmet Y.; Özdoğan Atabay, Ayça ; Sağlam, İsmail 
2022Coalition formation through multilateral bargaining in an oligopolistic industryYurtcan, Bilgehan
2022Collusion in supply functions under technology licensingÇelen, İhsan; Sağlam, İsmail 
2021Correlated equilibrium under costly disobedienceÖzdoğan, A.; Sağlam, İsmail 
2021Cross-licensing in a duopoly under network externalitiesKılağuz, Şükran Dinç
2013Divorce costs and marital dissolution in a one-to-one matching framework with nontransferable utilitiesSağlam, I. 
2012An economic analysis of tobacco elimination policies in TurkeyArslanhan, Selin; Caner, Asena ; Helvacioğlu, Kerem; Sağlam, İsmail ; Teksoz, Tuncay
2013Endogenously proportional bargaining solutionsSağlam, İsmail 
2022Essays on child laborÖzmen, Mustafa Utku
Nov-2019A Game Theoretic Approach to Peer Review of Grant ProposalsBayındır, Esra Eren; Gürdal, Mehmet Yiğit ; Sağlam, İsmail 
2009Games of capacity allocation in many-to-one matching with an aftermarketMumcu, Ayşe; Sağlam, İsmail 
2008Impacts of the tax system on poverty and social exclusion: A case study on TurkeyGökşen, Fatoş; Özertan, Gökhan; Sağlam, İsmail ; Zenginobuz, Ünal
2023Licensing cost-reducing innovations under supply function competitionSağlam, İsmail 
2008Marriage Formation/Dissolution and Marital Distribution in a Two-Period Economic Model of Matching with Cooperative BargainingMumcu, Ayşe; Sağlam, İsmail 
2020Measuring external stability in one-to-one matchingSağlam, İsmail 
Aug-2019The mutual sequential mate search model under nonhomogenous preferencesSağlam, İsmail 
2008A note on Jackson's theorems in Bayesian implementationSağlam, I.